About us

Thirdbridge is a dynamic team that gathers its strengths around a common goal: to challenge the status quo with exceptional technological innovations.

Our story

A student project

In 2012, Pierre-Étienne Bousquet and Nicolas St-Aubin, both old friends and university students at the time, launched an entrepreneurial project that became the Thirdbridge we know today.

A family story

In 2015 our co-founders started working on the business full-time and involved Nicolas' brothers in the project in order to take it to the next level. From that moment, Thirdbridge is no longer just a project between friends, it is also a family thing.

True to its values

Since then, the company has experienced a fast growth due to the ever-increasing needs for digital projects. Despite this growth, Thirdbridge aspires to always remain true to its values and one above all: fulfillment in the professional environment.

Whether it's our culture, our practices, our products: we are always working on the next update.

The Thirdbridge culture

We make sure to spread our culture to everything that surrounds us: our colleagues, our clients, and our projects. Our mission is to offer Thirdbridge employees and clients the best possible professional experience.

Contact us

The members of our team are happy to answer your questions. Despite our love of everything digital, we always have time for a little human warmth. Come chat with us!